Hunt Scenes

Hunt Scenes

Hunt Scenes

Hunt Scenes
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    Scenes from past Roger Raglin hunting entertainment videos and television episodes. Enjoy!

  • Roger Guides Landon Gumucio On His First Squirrel Hunt • Hunt Scenes

    Rogers meets up with David & Landon Gumucio after Scout Camp in Central Missouri to guide Landon on his first squirrel hunt in his Dad's old stompin' grounds. Despite the rain, Landon's Uncle Roger gets him on some squirrels for a hunt to remember...

  • Roger & Josh Raglin Raining Squirrels • Hunt Scenes

    Roger and Josh finally found squirrels in the rain forests of the Missouri Ozarks, and boy did it rain! Oklahoma Jones (Josh) had squirrels falling from the sky like rain, then Roger did the unthinkable! He shot a Big Boar Squirrel doing the Hoochie Coochie Dance! Yes, Roger and Josh had a "Pret...

  • A Day to Remember • Hunt Scenes

    Roger and Friends have "A Day To Remember" at Rancho Cuevas in old Mexico. Roger and Ranch Manager Mark Budzise are putting folks in the right place at the right time for a magical day afield harvesting big mature Whitetails with gun and bow.

  • Roger's Big Scorpyd Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Great Hunters Learn "The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Lasts Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten." Roger Is Not Only A Great Hunter, He Uses Great Equipment. His Scorpyd Cross Bow, Black Eagle Arrows and His Career Long Relationship With Muzzy Broad-Heads Is Purposeful. When The Momen...

  • The North Texas Rattle Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Great whitetail deer encounters don't always end with a harvested deer! Roger sees a nice buck, but needs to get him closer. He hits His rattling antlers and his buck call and the next thing you know, the deer comes a running. Lots of fun and excitement in this one! Enjoy!

  • Josh Raglin's Mexico Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Josh harvests a nice buck four days after the buck had been shot by one of the veterans with a bow...kinda like winning the lottery! Enjoy!

  • North Texas WT Hunt 2020 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger shows patience as he rattles and grunts up several good bucks and then watches them walk off into the sunset. The next day he was back in the same spot nice and early...its a good thing he was!

  • January Squirrel Hunt 2022 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger and Josh sharpen their hunting skills during the winter by chasing the ever elusive Oklahoma squirrels of the hardwoods! Jiminey Christmas, these Bushy-Tails are full of surprises and fun to watch...enjoy!

  • Nate Treadaway's Missouri Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Roger continues to bring good luck to Bergara's CEO Nate Treadaway, as they pair up with Team K Outfitters to try and harvest Nate's First Missouri Whitetail with his Premium Bergara Highlander Rifle. Enjoy...

  • Braveon's Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Roger saved his own life by losing 80 lbs of fat. Now Papa can celebrate life by taking Braveon on his first whitetail deer hunt! It was a momentous trip with enough memories to last a lifetime...enjoy!

  • Damon Bungard's Texas Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Damon Bungard finally gets the Monkey off his back and ends his Texas Deer Hunting Curse as he harvests a nice 8 point buck in the Texas Pan Handle with his deadly accurate Bergara rifle.

  • Roger's Long Distance Desert Mule Deer Shot • Hunt Scenes

    Steve Jones said it was the most amazing hunting shot he has ever seen! The Vertical Shot, up or down, can be the most difficult shot a hunter can make. Add distance to the equation and gets even worse. The solution? Use a quality rifle and optic and practice the shots afield. You always do under...

  • Jason Mims & The Big Freaky! • Hunt Scenes

    Jason Mims and Roger discuss the Legendary "Patches" of the Frijolia Ranch, and another legend in his own right, "The Big Freaky!" Jason vows to harvest the Big Freaky and hang him next to Patches in his Trophy Room. Tune In to See how he does....

  • Roger's Slug Gun Get's It Done • Hunt Scenes

    Roger has preached shot location for as long as I can remember. When you couple that with a quality 12 gauge slug gun, now son, that's a recipe for putting deer on the! Watch this Big Boy get acquainted with the ground before you can say Jiminy Christmas!

  • Hog and Deer Hunting in South Carolina - 2011 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger, Josh and Josh's girl friend Rebecca, load up and head east to North Carolina for a date with a nice whitetail buck. Instead, all they found was heat, humidity, huge mosquitoes and hogs...

  • Roger Misses a Giant Kentucky Buck With His Bow - 2014 • Hunt Scenes

    Welcome to September. You're all ready for bow season, until Mr. Big Boy walks in. Heraclitus said, "Expect the Unexpected." Well the unexpected snake bit Roger not once, but twice. I think Roger had a pretty rough day!

  • Wayne Gibson 2015 Wounded Soldier Hunt • Hunt Scenes

    Roger has a tough time keeping Wayne off the trigger of his M1A rifle with all those does in the field. Wayne is a meat hunter and normally kills the first doe he sees. Not today. Roger is about to let Wayne shoot a doe, but then the fun begins... ...

  • Roger Muzzleloads a Red River Buck • Hunting Scenes

    Southwest Oklahoma looks like Texas, but the Red River Valley is uniquely Oklahoma and produces some big whitetail bucks. Roger and Josh hunt hard for six days, and wouldn't you know it, on the last hour of the last day, well you'll just have to watch the hunting scene and see. Suffice it to say,...

  • Roger Bow Kills a Big 9 Pointer in 2011 • Hunt Scenes

    Old Drop-Tine finally falls to an arrow after Roger patiently waits in a tree stand through one of the foggiest mornings he has ever experienced afield. Trail cams don't Old Drop-Tine was there, with a twist.....

  • Jeremiah Leach Wounded Soldier Hunt • Hunt Scenes

    Jeremiah Leach joins Roger Raglin on his Wounded Warrior hunt. Boy, Jeremiah knows how to shoot, as a nice Whitetail hits the ground at distance. Roger loves his Wounded Warriors and we appreciate what he does for our True American Heroes! Thank you Jeremiah for your sacrifice and service!

  • Roger Shoots a Giant New Mexico Pronghorn in 2010 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger is miraculously healed through the prayers of thousands of family, friends and fans from Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Then he heads to New Mexico and kills a giant pronghorn. He had a pretty good day!

  • I Hit a Tree! • Hunt Scenes

    Roger hears a buck coming close, real close, then waits at full draw for him to step out of the thick stuff, before he lets his arrow fly....

  • Roger Shoots a South Dakota Mule Deer • Hunt Scenes

    Roger Finally gets his South Dakota Mule Deer with a rifle and then heads home to Tulsa to meet his new Grand Daughter Savanna...