Roger's Morning Coffee

Roger's Morning Coffee

Roger is a great story teller especially when he has his morning coffee in hand...Enjoy!

Roger's Morning Coffee
  • Roger's Morning Coffee

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    As a master storyteller Roger talks about his faith, life, family, weight loss, hunting, his life stories, world events, and just about anything else that comes to his mind. His "Morning Coffee" talks have been viewed by millions, and never cease to inform and entertain!

  • Roger's Colorado Hunting Trip Separates The Men From The Boys • Morning Coffee

    Roger Was Born To Be A Hunter. Its In His Blood. Obstacles, Bad Weather, Rough Roads, Getting Lost, Hunting Public Or Private Land, It Doesn't Matter. For Roger, Its Always Game On. For Others, Not So Much. Enjoy His Colorado Hunting Trip Story...It's A Good One!

  • The Green Gun • Morning Coffee

    Getting Lost On Public Land Can Be An Adventure....But When Two Ole Boys In An Old Truck Come Along, Be Glad You Got Your Old Green Gun!

  • Defining Moments • Morning Coffee

    Roger loves to eat donuts and fried okra. Roger explains how his defining moments of to "eat or not to eat" made a life changing and life saving difference...enjoy!

  • The Cyst Story • Morning Coffee

    Hysterical story about Roger's painful rear-end cyst and how he was relieved in the end....hold onto your butts folks, this is a good one!

  • The Old Bitty Doe • Morning Coffee

    Its a great day in the "Deer Woods," deer are moving and you see a nice buck! You're shaking with anticipation...a chance to kill a trophy buck, when you hear the dreaded blow and stomp of the Matriarch Doe. Jiminy Christmas, there goes the neighborhood!

  • The Final Straw in Canada • Morning Coffee

    Roger's last trip to Canada ends before it begins, thanks to a Canadian Border Officer who didn't know the Law and Took Matters way to far.

  • The Last Trip To Alberta (The Big One) - Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    After days of miserable cold and no deer movement, Roger abandons the blind and discovers the mother of all scrape lines. Just before dark a shot rings out, then another, and the mystery unfolds into more bad news for Roger.

  • The Last Trip To Alberta (Pie Plates) - Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Roger's arrives at camp and no one can hit the broadside of a barn with their rifles on shooting confirmation day! Roger breaks out the pie plates and instills some confidence into his fellow hunters before the hunt begins...

  • The Last Trip to Alberta - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger doesn't leave Oklahoma before the wheels start falling off the bus...With a cameraman on new medication, beer in Denver and a mutiny in Calgary, you can tell where this hunts headed before it even starts.

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    Roger puts his Guide hat on and spots a big buck bedded down in the middle of an open prairie next to a yucca bush. Roger directs his hunter's stalk to within 30' of the big bucks bedding area! Jiminy Christmas, what a story!

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Invading big buck bedding areas pays off for Roger, as he catches a big buck in pursuit of a hot doe.

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger ends up on a property the Outfitter hadn't harvested a deer off of in six years. Roger discusses using deer calls and gets some great footage of how deer react to them.

  • Roger's Rhinelander Buck • Morning Coffee

    Roger's hunt in Rhinelander Wisconsin was miserably cold. After seeing some deer in the morning, extraordinary events lead to a crazy afternoon conclusion and a "Pretty Good Day!"

  • The Importance of Water - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    This is the first of a 4 part series where Roger talks about the importance of having water on or near the property you are hunting. water, no rubs, no deer! Add that to your property check list!

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    This story is a sad commentary on how we as hunters have let social media and chat rooms affect our character and judgement. Listen to Roger's story and learn what not to do, especially when a fellow hunter's consideration gives you an opportunity of a live time....

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Who says good guys finish last? Roger does everything right by the Land Owner and his long list of restrictions. However, the Land Owner did give Roger the green light on a Big 8 should he see him, which the Land Owner had presumed to be dead. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the story....

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger gives some valuable advice on hunting etiquette, building trust, developing friendships and being a considerate hunter. Whether you are in the field, in camp, or back at home, be a considerate person...please. You can say want you want about Roger Raglin, he is a man of his word. Listen and...

  • My First Deer • Morning Coffee

    Roger was in High School when he finally harvested his first deer. Your first deer is usually a day to remember, however for Roger, It was a learning experience he would never forget.

  • I Dropped a Toad - Coues Deer Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Roger's next attempt for hunting Coues Deer in Mexico was a vast improvement as far as terrain is concerned. However, at the end of the week, the end result appeared to be the same...or maybe not....

  • I Dropped a Log - Coues Deer Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    After a grueling day on the rugged and steep mountains of Mexico, Roger and Josh finally get back to their hut tired, wet, exhausted and....well you'll see...

  • The October Saskatchewan Hunt • Morning Coffee

    Roger's friend Gordy Oats finally talked Roger into one last deer hunt in Saskatchewan only this time in early October. The weather was warm, the blind was small and mature deer were scarce. Then the biggest bodied Whitetail buck of Roger's Career walked'll have to let Roger tell you th...

  • Hunting Buddies (It's Over) Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    Hunting buddies are fun to have but they are not necessary. Especially when their values are not in harmony with your own. Roger's two Hunting Buddy requirements are simple, Be Safe and Follow The Rules. Roger's friend couldn't figure that out and his hunting days with Roger were over.

  • Hunting Buddies (Finding Fred) Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Roger met Fred, a big 10 point buck and the games began! Fred's hide out was in the middle of the Prairie in a little ole brush pile no bigger than a car. Roger tries rifle, muzzleloader and bow to no avail. See how the story ends and remember, never name your deer!