Weight Loss Testimonies

Weight Loss Testimonies

Does the Roger Raglin Diet Plan really work? We let our RR Strong Family Members speak for themselves. Here are some encouraging testimonies of how Roger Raglin's Diet Plan has changed peoples lives. Enjoy and be Inspired!

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Weight Loss Testimonies
  • Jerry and Wanda Moore • Mississippi

    Jerry and Wanda Moore are healthy, happy and grateful. Their blood pressure is normal, they are active, eating normally and having fun. Nineteen months ago it was a different story. After discovering the Roger Raglin Diet Plan Jerry lost 100 lbs and Wanda lost 30 lbs. Now they are living RR Str...

  • Deanna Shepard Roberts, Tacoma Washington

    Deanna was RR Strong for 3 months and now she is a new woman! From over 250 pounds to WOW! May every success be yours...you have earned it!

  • Donna Flores, Living Life to the Fullest

    Donna is a new woman! Six months, 80 lbs, 60 total inches lost and went from a size 22 to a size 10. Wow, She looks great! All because she followed the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. You can be the next success story if you accept Donna's challenge.

  • Mitch David, A Thin Man Again!

    Mitch David lost over 80 pounds in only six months on the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. He Trusted Roger's Plan and now he is a thin man again. You can be too! Give the Roger Raglin Diet Plan a try today...you will be glad you did, just like Mitch David,

  • Melissa Koshen, Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin

    The proof is in the picture. Jiminy Christmas Melissa looks amazing! She lost over 60 lbs in 12 weeks. No more CPAP and no more sore feet. Nothing but a healthy new life for Melissa Koshen! Good on you Kiddo, we are proud of you!

  • Doug Marx, A New Man!

    What is 65 pounds and 6 inches off your waist in four months called? A Roger Raglin Strong - Doug Marx! He can clip his own toe nails now as well. Good for you Doug!

  • Barry Rushing, Texas

    Weight sneaks up on you. Before you know it, you can't see your feet. The Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan helps you get rid of the sneaks. Barry lost over 100 pounds following the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan. He used the Weight Loss Facebook Page, and the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Forum. Now he is...

  • Judith Ann Wilson, Hiram Georgia

    Judith Ann Wilson is living proof to we should expect miracles from heaven to happen in our lives. In less than six months she lost 60 lbs and is absolutely unrecognizable. Judith you look amazing! She thanks the Lord and Roger Raglin's Weight Loss Plan for her new life. It can work for you too!

  • Jason Morton, Raleigh, NC

    Jason credits his success to watching and re-watching all of Roger's Weight Loss Videos and being active on the Roger Raglin's Weight Loss Coaching Page on Facebook. It's time to change your life and improve your health just like Jason. Get started today!

  • Sonja Houle, Minnesota

    Sonja looks and feels great! Roger's support system is amazing and so are the results! Roger Raglin's Weight Loss Plan is helping ladies everywhere to lose weight and change their lives. God Bless you Roger for your miraculous plan!

  • Rick Hovis, Lincolnton, North Carolina

    Testimony after testimony the message is the same. Miraculous, life changing, I'm a new man or woman! The Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan is duplicate-able. Rick Host is a living example of it. Great Job Rick...you look amazing!

  • Jerry Mosteller, North Carolina

    Jerry lost over 90 lbs in 6 months! That's right, Ninety pounds of fat! He did it by eating to lose weight with the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. What is even more amazing is Jerry is 73 years old. The Roger Raglin Diet Plan works, old or young, male or female, morbidly obese or slightly overweight, it...

  • Rusty Smith, Livingston, Texas

    Rusty and his girlfriend teamed up to lose 82 pounds together (50 Rusty and 32 Evie) on the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. Boy, who says everything's big in Texas? At least Rusty and Evie aren't big any more! Join them won't you? Start Roger Raglin's Diet Plan today!

  • Dave Mitchell, Kansas

    Dave was Motivated by a Future Elk Hunt. He Lost Nearly 100 lbs in Five Months and He Shot His Elk!

  • Michael Reardon, Cincinnati

    Ninety Pounds in Three months! Michael Put the Roger Raglin Diet Plan to Work and Didn't Look Back!

  • Neja Malker's Dad

    This is what 105 pounds and 18 pant sizes look like when you lose them in 8 months. Jiminy Christmas Neja's Dad looks great! You can too, with the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Diet Plan.

  • Jason Allen, Gilmore, Texas

    Jason is 42 years old and started his weight loss journey at 260 lbs. Now he wears a 32 jean, which he wore in Junior High School. He is off his medications and starting a new life. The Roger Raglin Diet Plan comes through again! Give it a try!

  • Michael Hall, Moselle, MS

    Michael isn't complaining about his 85 pound weight loss, and neither is his wife! Michael is in a smaller jean size than when he got married 26 years ago. Michael is healthier, happier and his hunting and fishing has gotten a whole lot easier. This could be you in a few months....give it a try!

  • Ron Orton, Biggest Fan

    In addition to losing over 70 pounds of fat, Ron Orton dropped 7 pant sizes as well. Ron finally found a weight loss program that worked. You can too! Give the Roger Raglin Diet Plan a try, you will be glad you did!

  • Lee Knight, Rib Mountain, Wisconsin

    Lee Knight lost 40 inches and 4 pant sizes in six months on the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. You can too! It works for everyone, male, female, young, old, and its repeatable. Want to lose some weight? Get started today!

  • Lytle Stackhouse, Upstate New York

    Lytle's remarkable transformation has allowed him to ride horses again, coon hunt, deer hunt and live life to its fullest. Lytle credits the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan in not only changing his life, but saving it...It can save yours too.

  • Gordon Miller, Western Pennsylvania

    Gordon Miller topped 300 lbs and was in poor health when he found the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. He signed up, watched all the videos and started making changes in his life. Six months later he was 90 lbs lighter and off most of his medications. He's a new and healthy man! Congrats Gordon!

  • Tim Turner, Missouri

    Tim made the Roger Raglin Diet Plan commitment and hasn't varied an inch, except on his waist line. He watches all the videos, drinks lots of water, sticks to the shopping list and takes it one day at a time. The result, a new Tim Turner! Keep up the good work Tim and stay RR Strong!

  • Steve Kotzur, Texas

    Friends helping each other is the theme of Steve's testimony.