Recently Added Videos

Recently Added Videos

Recently Added Videos
  • The North Texas Rattle Buck • Hunt Scene

    Great whitetail deer encounters don't always end with a harvested deer! Roger sees a nice buck, but needs to get him closer. He hits His rattling antlers and his buck call and the next thing you know, the deer comes a running. Lots of fun and excitement in this one! Enjoy!

  • Josh Raglin's Mexico Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Josh harvests a nice buck four days after the buck had been shot by one of the veterans with a bow...kinda like winning the lottery! Enjoy!

  • North Texas WT Hunt 2020 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger shows patience as he rattles and grunts up several good bucks and then watches them walk off into the sunset. The next day he was back in the same spot nice and early...its a good thing he was!

  • January Squirrel Hunt 2022 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger and Josh sharpen their hunting skills during the winter by chasing the ever elusive Oklahoma squirrels of the hardwoods! Jiminey Christmas, these Bushy-Tails are full of surprises and fun to watch...enjoy!

  • Nate Treadaway's Missouri Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Roger continues to bring good luck to Bergara's CEO Nate Treadaway, as they pair up with Team K Outfitters to try and harvest Nate's First Missouri Whitetail with his Premium Bergara Highlander Rifle. Enjoy...

  • Braveon's Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Roger saved his own life by losing 80 lbs of fat. Now Papa can celebrate life by taking Braveon on his first whitetail deer hunt! It was a momentous trip with enough memories to last a lifetime...enjoy!

  • Defining Moments • Morning Coffee

    Roger loves to eat donuts and fried okra. Roger explains how his defining moments of to "eat or not to eat" made a life changing and life saving difference...enjoy!

  • Damon Bungard's Texas Buck • Hunt Scenes

    Damon Bungard finally gets the Monkey off his back and ends his Texas Deer Hunting Curse as he harvests a nice 8 point buck in the Texas Pan Handle with his deadly accurate Bergara rifle.

  • Roger's Long Distance Desert Mule Deer Shot • Hunt Scenes

    Steve Jones said it was the most amazing hunting shot he has ever seen! The Vertical Shot, up or down, can be the most difficult shot a hunter can make. Add distance to the equation and gets even worse. The solution? Use a quality rifle and optic and practice the shots afield. You always do under...

  • Jason Mims & The Big Freaky! • Hunt Scenes

    Jason Mims and Roger discuss the Legendary "Patches" of the Frijolia Ranch, and another legend in his own right, "The Big Freaky!" Jason vows to harvest the Big Freaky and hang him next to Patches in his Trophy Room. Tune In to See how he does....

  • 14th Year at Huselby Creek Outfitters - 2020 • Original Series

    Roger's 14th year at Huselby Creek Outfitters with Mark Hamilton is one to remember. Roger and Damon get on some nice bucks and Roger is introduced to Jaeger, Damon's deer tracking Dachshund.

  • Jerry and Wanda Moore • Mississippi

    Jerry and Wanda Moore are healthy, happy and grateful. Their blood pressure is normal, they are active, eating normally and having fun. Nineteen months ago it was a different story. After discovering the Roger Raglin Diet Plan Jerry lost 100 lbs and Wanda lost 30 lbs. Now they are living RR Str...

  • The Old Bitty Doe • Morning Coffee

    Its a great day in the "Deer Woods," deer are moving and you see a nice buck! You're shaking with anticipation...a chance to kill a trophy buck, when you hear the dreaded blow and stomp of the Matriarch Doe. Jiminy Christmas, there goes the neighborhood!

  • 2021 TV Show Open • 2021

    2021 - Season 34 Roger Raglin Outdoors TV Show Open, which appears at the beginning of each episode. We have a great lineup this fall, so sit back and enjoy our 34th Season!

  • New Tremor Scorpyd Crossbow • Product Review

    Roger's long awaited Scorpyd Tremor Crossbow arrived and it didn't disappoint! Accurate, Fast and Deadly The New Scorpyd proved its worth already in Mexico and Texas. The New Scorpyd Tremor Crossbow....everyone needs one of these!

  • Oklahoma Bushy-Tails • 2020

    After traveling all over Oklahoma for the "Proverbial Squirrel Hot Spot," he finally finds Ole Bushy-Tails on his own property and puts his new Bergara B-14 22LR Rifle to the test. Roger "had a pretty good day!"

  • Where Roads End Big Bucks Begin • Vintage BKS Productions

    Roger's dear friends David Gumucio and Gary White, join Roger at the road's end to hunt trophy whitetails in secluded areas where hunting pressure, or the lack thereof, allow these bucks to get to that magical 4th and 5th year. Remote areas are difficult to get to but worth the effort. Jiminy Chr...

  • Deanna Shepard Roberts, Tacoma Washington

    Deanna was RR Strong for 3 months and now she is a new woman! From over 250 pounds to WOW! May every success be have earned it!

  • Donna Flores, Living Life to the Fullest

    Donna is a new woman! Six months, 80 lbs, 60 total inches lost and went from a size 22 to a size 10. Wow, She looks great! All because she followed the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. You can be the next success story if you accept Donna's challenge.

  • Mitch David, A Thin Man Again!

    Mitch David lost over 80 pounds in only six months on the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. He Trusted Roger's Plan and now he is a thin man again. You can be too! Give the Roger Raglin Diet Plan a try will be glad you did, just like Mitch David,

  • Melissa Koshen, Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin

    The proof is in the picture. Jiminy Christmas Melissa looks amazing! She lost over 60 lbs in 12 weeks. No more CPAP and no more sore feet. Nothing but a healthy new life for Melissa Koshen! Good on you Kiddo, we are proud of you!

  • To Kill A Book Deer • Vintage BKS Productions

    This Vintage Video will teach us how to improve our chances in putting a book deer on our wall by using Roger Raglin's time proven methods that have helped him harvest over 60 record class Whitetails (34 with a Bow). Roger knows a little about hunting trophy class Whitetail so set back and enjoy ...

  • Doug Marx, A New Man!

    What is 65 pounds and 6 inches off your waist in four months called? A Roger Raglin Strong - Doug Marx! He can clip his own toe nails now as well. Good for you Doug!

  • Barry Rushing, Texas

    Weight sneaks up on you. Before you know it, you can't see your feet. The Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan helps you get rid of the sneaks. Barry lost over 100 pounds following the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan. He used the Weight Loss Facebook Page, and the Roger Raglin Weight Loss Forum. Now he is...