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Recently Added Videos

Recently Added Videos
  • The Final Straw in Canada • Morning Coffee

    Roger's last trip to Canada ends before it begins, thanks to a Canadian Border Officer who didn't know the Law and Took Matters way to far.

  • The Last Trip To Alberta (The Big One) - Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    After days of miserable cold and no deer movement, Roger abandons the blind and discovers the mother of all scrape lines. Just before dark a shot rings out, then another, and the mystery unfolds into more bad news for Roger.

  • The Last Trip To Alberta (Pie Plates) - Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Roger's arrives at camp and no one can hit the broadside of a barn with their rifles on shooting confirmation day! Roger breaks out the pie plates and instills some confidence into his fellow hunters before the hunt begins...

  • The Last Trip to Alberta - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger doesn't leave Oklahoma before the wheels start falling off the bus...With a cameraman on new medication, beer in Denver and a mutiny in Calgary, you can tell where this hunts headed before it even starts.

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    Roger puts his Guide hat on and spots a big buck bedded down in the middle of an open prairie next to a yucca bush. Roger directs his hunter's stalk to within 30' of the big bucks bedding area! Jiminy Christmas, what a story!

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Invading big buck bedding areas pays off for Roger, as he catches a big buck in pursuit of a hot doe.

  • The Guymon, Oklahoma Hunt - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger ends up on a property the Outfitter hadn't harvested a deer off of in six years. Roger discusses using deer calls and gets some great footage of how deer react to them.

  • Roger's Rhinelander Buck • Morning Coffee

    Roger's hunt in Rhinelander Wisconsin was miserably cold. After seeing some deer in the morning, extraordinary events lead to a crazy afternoon conclusion and a "Pretty Good Day!"

  • The Importance of Water - Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    This is the first of a 4 part series where Roger talks about the importance of having water on or near the property you are hunting. water, no rubs, no deer! Add that to your property check list!

  • Mexico Wounded Warriors Hunt • 2019

    Words cannot express our feelings of gratitude and compassion for these True American War Heroes! Their sacrifices and accomplishments are inspiring, and we hope you enjoy this touching Roger Raglin Original Series Tribute!

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 3 • Morning Coffee

    This story is a sad commentary on how we as hunters have let social media and chat rooms affect our character and judgement. Listen to Roger's story and learn what not to do, especially when a fellow hunter's consideration gives you an opportunity of a live time....

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    Who says good guys finish last? Roger does everything right by the Land Owner and his long list of restrictions. However, the Land Owner did give Roger the green light on a Big 8 should he see him, which the Land Owner had presumed to be dead. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the story....

  • Be Considerate of Others Part 1 • Morning Coffee

    Roger gives some valuable advice on hunting etiquette, building trust, developing friendships and being a considerate hunter. Whether you are in the field, in camp, or back at home, be a considerate person...please. You can say want you want about Roger Raglin, he is a man of his word. Listen and...

  • Roger's Slug Gun Get's It Done • Hunt Scenes

    Roger has preached shot location for as long as I can remember. When you couple that with a quality 12 gauge slug gun, now son, that's a recipe for putting deer on the! Watch this Big Boy get acquainted with the ground before you can say Jiminy Christmas!

  • Hog and Deer Hunting in South Carolina - 2011 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger, Josh and Josh's girl friend Rebecca, load up and head east to North Carolina for a date with a nice whitetail buck. Instead, all they found was heat, humidity, huge mosquitoes and hogs...

  • Roger Misses a Giant Kentucky Buck With His Bow - 2014 • Hunt Scenes

    Welcome to September. You're all ready for bow season, until Mr. Big Boy walks in. Heraclitus said, "Expect the Unexpected." Well the unexpected snake bit Roger not once, but twice. I think Roger had a pretty rough day!

  • Roger Muzzleloads a Red River Buck • Hunting Scenes

    Southwest Oklahoma looks like Texas, but the Red River Valley is uniquely Oklahoma and produces some big whitetail bucks. Roger and Josh hunt hard for six days, and wouldn't you know it, on the last hour of the last day, well you'll just have to watch the hunting scene and see. Suffice it to say,...

  • Wayne Gibson 2015 Wounded Soldier Hunt • Hunt Scenes

    Roger has a tough time keeping Wayne off the trigger of his M1A rifle with all those does in the field. Wayne is a meat hunter and normally kills the first doe he sees. Not today. Roger is about to let Wayne shoot a doe, but then the fun begins... ...

  • Jerry Mosteller, North Carolina

    Jerry lost over 90 lbs in 6 months! That's right, Ninety pounds of fat! He did it by eating to lose weight with the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. What is even more amazing is Jerry is 73 years old. The Roger Raglin Diet Plan works, old or young, male or female, morbidly obese or slightly overweight, it...

  • Venison Stuffed Peppers • Weight Loss Cooking Tips

    Roger's back in the kitchen demonstrating the finer points of making Venison (Deer Meat) Stuffed Peppers. Roger also Air Fry's up some asparagus and
    before you can say Jiminy Christmas, you have a meal! Simple and delicious and under 500 calories. Enjoy!

  • Rusty Smith, Livingston, Texas

    Rusty and his girlfriend teamed up to lose 82 pounds together (50 Rusty and 32 Evie) on the Roger Raglin Diet Plan. Boy, who says everything's big in Texas? At least Rusty and Evie aren't big any more! Join them won't you? Start Roger Raglin's Diet Plan today!

  • Mexico Crossbow Hunt • 2017

    Roger and Josh introduce Mexican Whitetails to Muzzy Broad-Heads and Big Bucks soon get acquainted with the ground. Up close and personal video footage as only Roger and Josh can provide, both are successful in harvesting big beautiful bucks south of the sit back and enjoy the fun!

  • Dave Mitchell, Kansas

    Dave was Motivated by a Future Elk Hunt. He Lost Nearly 100 lbs in Five Months and He Shot His Elk!

  • Roger Bow Kills a Big 9 Pointer in 2011 • Hunt Scenes

    Old Drop-Tine finally falls to an arrow after Roger patiently waits in a tree stand through one of the foggiest mornings he has ever experienced afield. Trail cams don't Old Drop-Tine was there, with a twist.....