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  • The Circle Jerk Monster Buck Ride • Hunt Scenes

  • Roger Bow Kills an Early Season Alberta Buck • Hunt Scenes

  • The Great Commission • Weight Loss Coaching: MAINTAIN

  • 2020 TV Show Open • Season 33

    2020 - Season 33 Roger Raglin Outdoors TV Show Open, which appears at the beginning of each episode. We have a great lineup this fall, so sit back and enjoy our 33rd Season!

  • Northwest Whitetail Hunt • Part 2 • Morning Coffee

    On the last day of the Alberta season a deer drive gave Roger the split second he needed to make a clean shot.

  • In The Garden • Piano Time

    2020 has been quite a year! The Corona Virus has wreaked Havoc Personally and World Wide. We hope this Great Old Gospel Tune Warms Your Heart and Soothes Your Spirit. Keep the Faith, Brothers and Sisters, God Loves Us and is With Us Every Day!

  • Black Buck Antelope • Morning Coffee

    Roger's back was acting up...couldn't even stand up, but a good friend insisted Roger come to Texas to take a crack at a World Class Black Buck with a surprise twist! Enjoy!

  • People Be Smart - Take Covid-19 Seriously • Roger Rants

    The Raglin Family has been seriously impacted by the Corona Virus and Covid-19 experiencing two family deaths (Darlene's Aunt and Uncle) and other family members contracting the disease (Uncle, Son and His Girlfriend). Please be considerate of others, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get tested...

  • Roger;s Hunting Seminar at Frame's Outdoor - 2016

    Roger Raglin has entertained and instructed audiences all over the United States about "Everything Hunting" for decades. Now you get an opportunity to sit back and enjoy Roger at his finest without having to leave the comforts of home. Enjoy!

  • Roger's Bone In Pork Roast and Okra

    A simple quick and easy to make meal that is low calorie, low carbohydrate and high in protein evening dish that is healthy, filling and! Enjoy!

  • Roger Shoots A 160" Saskatchewan Buck • Hunt Scenes

    While hunting the early muzzleloading season in Saskatchewan, Roger knocks down a giant 160" class monster whitetail buck. He had a pretty good day!

  • Travis Worrell Wounded Soldier Hunt - 2015 • Hunt Scenes

    Being wounded in battle, Travis Worrell left the war as a lifetime quadriplegic. He gets back into life full swing getting an opportunity to hunt and shoot his first whitetail buck. Thank you for your great sacrifice and service Travis!

  • Wade Derby and Daughters in Kansas • Hunt Scenes

    What a trip to Kansas for the Derby Family! Ashley scores on a nice buck with a CVA muzzleloader and Faith gives her Dad a hard time for waving her off a little buck'll just have to see it to believe it...enjoy!

  • Relentless Hog Dogs in Oklahoma - 2016 • Hunt Scenes

    Roger does his best keeping up on a fast and furious hog hunt in Eastern Oklahoma. Not for the faint at heart, things get wild and crazy hunting wild hogs with dogs and a spear! It's not pretty, but it makes good table fair and helps eradicate a problematic and growing swine population.

  • Big Kansas 10 Pointer Springs a Leak • Hunt Scenes

    Roger Hunts Kansas with Good Friend, Paul Meeks. Paul Arrows a Huge Kansas Buck with His Bow at Close Range.

  • Roger's Gun Swap Results in a Giant Whitetail Buck Kill • Hunt Scenes

    It's the late muzzle load season in Missouri and Roger rattles in a huge whitetail buck while guiding his good friend David Gumucio. It's great action with a big surprise, gun swap.

  • Richard and Debbie Kemper

    Richard and Debbie used the Roger Raglin Diet Plan to change their lives. They lost 145 pounds collectively and no longer need medications. They are both RR Strong...we couldn't be happier for them!

  • 2019 Big Buck Missouri Hunt

    Roger hunts with Team K Outfitters, Ryan Kirkpatrick, every year in northern Missouri. This is the extended version of the 2019 hunting season. It includes 3 big buck hunts and kill scenes!

  • Chef Johnny Stewart, Texas

    As a Professional Chef, Johnny Stewart is around food all day long. Despite the day by day temptations, he stays RR Strong and has lost over 105 pounds and isn't finished yet!

  • Danny White, Tennessee

    Danny is experiencing the blessings of living RR Strong. No meds, maintaining his weigh, and giving back to his brothers and sisters still making the Roger Raglin Diet Plan journey through our Roger Raglin Weight Loss Face Book Page and Channel Forums. We are all in this together and if we help ...

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